2. Opalized Wood. Super Bright pinfire colors running through natural ironstone. 120 Million Years old Wood.

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  4. standing with plants and garbage

  5. me chillin

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    Geoffrey Dyer (Australian, b. 1947), The Great Stoney Desert. Oil on linen, 184 x 183.5 cm.

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    the bioluminescent noctiluca scintillans — an algae known otherwise as sea sparkle — of australia’s jervis bay. photos by (click pic) andy hutchinson, joanne paquette and naomi paquette. see also: more bioluminescence posts)

    I need to see this

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  8. Stob Dobh (by Richard Stewart James Gaston)

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    U2’s next album is going to be government-issued and refusing will be a federal crime.

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